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Show Cats: Portraits of Fine Felines

Show Cats: Portraits of Fine Felines
Show Cats: Portraits of Fine Felines by Larry Johnson
English | April 15th, 2018 | ASIN: B07967KDYV, ISBN: 1682033104 | 127 Pages | EPUB | 261.17 MB

Show Cats: Portraits of Fine Felines

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Larry Johnson is the world's leading cat photographer and portraitist. His book Cat Show Cats contains his exquisite photographs and wisdom about the nature of cats. He photographs at over thirty-five cat shows throughout the year in the US and throughout the world.Larry is a trained photographer with special talents to create these amazing cat portraits and has interesting narratives to share. He is a skilled photographer of animals. He is especially accomplished with cats and knows their qualities their behavior, their owners, and the cat show scene. This book contains over 180 superlative images of cat-show cats. In every image, Larry captures each cat's X factor-its personality and physical attributes. In the accompanying text, Larry describes his work, the challenges, the photography, the shows, and the cats.


Show Cats: Portraits of Fine Felines

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